can you see me now?

I hold a picture from a distance of one metre
Of a smiling man
I ask you what you think of it-
You say
“It’s cute”
I hold the same picture from the distance of 50 centimetres
I ask you again
You say
“Nothing out of the ordinary.”

You look at me perplexed as I slowly glide towards you
violating your private bubble as
I hold it again from the distance of 30

You notice in the background
a swastika is branded
on the sleeve of the man
He is tattooed and bald and very pale
He is at a neo-naxi rally
And you can see
If you squint real carefully
You can make out a
“Make America Great Again” sticker.

I’m asking you to look a little closer
at every little thing
because you’ll never know what
you’re not seeing
unless you leave your comfort zone.


little idiot man

I want to take your head
and clasp it so tightly that the shape and size
morphs into a clump

as if your scalp and brain was made
of orange play-doh-
I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

But the texture is probably dry and crumbly.
Efforts are futile to make anything of use.
That’s what happens when you play with incompetent clay…

You might as well have a handful of poop.