How have we settled for such mediocrity and passivity?
For instance,
You walk into a Tesco
(or a Sainsbury’s, if you’re fancy)
and pick a saggy sandwich
a bag of thinly fried potato
a bottle of bubbly sugar water
and they tell you that it’s
“The Meal Deal”
in minimalist retro fonts
that appeal to most people
and makes them respond
without thinking too hard
about what they are buying
with a thumbs up
and a belief that it’s
The “real deal”
that makes your taste buds feel
something more than untoasted British bread
some mayonnaise and 2 leaves of rocket
smushed with artificial yellow cheddar

the half-assness of it all
is revolting
and saddening
all at once
as you understand
there’s nothing better to eat
and you can’t be bothered
so you settle
into accepting
this is the best you have to look forward to
for lunch.