People often ask if I’m a “narcissist”
Because they catch me
Looking in the mirror
More frequently
Then is
“socially acceptable”.

Quite the contrary.
I need the reflection
To assure myself
I am not a piece of shit
Nor an ugly basturd
Nor am I undeserving of living
And that I am
“Okay okay okay”

“I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay”
“I am human and existing”
“and imperfect”
“And that’s fine.”

This mantra,
combatting the ferocious mind plague
That has afflicted me
Since my early teens
Used to be something
Very different.

It once was a chant that declared
“You are worthless
You are nothing
You are a fat little idiot
Who will die alone”
And included all the words
That shouldn’t hurt you
But do.

And I have come too far to care about what other people think of my odd habits.
And I shall not revert back to how things used to be.

I am strong. I am kind. I am honest.

This is what is important.

So I’ll be damned if I let anyone make me feel bad
For assuring myself
Like this.



So about a month ago, a poem I sent to Venus Mag., an online feminist magazine for university students about gender identity called “Ella está, ya está”. It’s a play on words for “Ella” which is a traditional English female name, and “ella”, which means “she” in Spanish. The title means “She is here, that’s all.”


Read the poem here at the website. 

I was inspired by learning about the non-binary community and the socialisation of gender roles in society as a whole. Perhaps it would be interesting to ask yourself if you necessarily identify with the gender you have been given, versus the one you actually are. And whether or not it matters to you.

Hope you guys enjoy.