Madame Butterfly / Let Me

Let me attempt a new style of prose

Let me shout echoes into the cocoon cavity I have used
Let me refuse access to those who abuse me.
Let me know that deep down inside I have cried enough tears to feed an elderflower tree
And now I’m no longer empty.

Let me acknowledge that I am stronger than anybody I have ever met
Because I can only know the depths of my mind
Grow wider than the grand skies that behold us every night.
And what a sight it is to finally be able to appreciate it.

Let me confront my own destiny head on,
Refusing to resign to the path I’ve walked on
On this fine cobblestone I have talked defeated nonstop
Never again will I torture my feet I’ve used life long.

Let me sing my last pessimistic sad song
Let me destroy insecurity to which I’ve held on
Wrong that I am not capable of doing anything
My mind’s melodic, like a great vibrant gong

Allow me to show you my fiery wrath
Crafted from precious sand I’ve collected, in fact,
While I thunderously dictate my power with laughs
And show you the unbreakable empowered glass

While I may be crass
Take my incredible sass
I am an Asian chick, yes,
But a fiercesome young lass

I’ll remember it too,
My mantra everyday
While I gradually,
Flutter away.