Library Blues

Too many easy peelers
Make for such an awful headache
I'm in need of something sweeter
Or some kind of creamy bake

This essay prompt annoys me
The library destroys me
And so I surf the internet
And so I smoke a cigarette.

Sunday is a day of study shame
Just look around and see
Panicked faces enter quite rapidly
Come in for wishful thinking

To complete that horrific lit essay
To catch up on some reading
To check out a book for references
Pretending that we're learning

They try to make up for the days
Partying without pain
Then they wake up that next morning
Knowing here that they will stay

There are those who are to endure night
Desk stocked with good supplies
Cadbury, coffee, 
Sweeties too,
It's all a yummy lie

You'll eat it all within the hour
Stress equipped you with glutton power
And when saliva turns all sour
Bookshelves will make you cower

JK, that's just what I am seeing
In my own progress, it is steaming
Drunk with reluctance to actually work
I know I will go berserk