Another appearance I make here
Refreshes my lenses for memories askew
I came back to the place
I thought I’d known
And what I know now-
I knew.

Never changes, this place
The storefronts are course
The streets are repaved
The old man, still hoarse

Renovations are made
The essential’s the same
Though from here, I came
It’s like I never left

I can call this my home
Yet hear the discord
I never belonged
And I feel no remorse

I cannot feel safe
The confines of this land
Anxiety fuses with sand
Filling my hourglass

I am different
No longer satisfied
No longer ignorant
No longer tolerant
Of how things are run here

Yet I,
Tumbling around
Oceanic waves
Pushed lunar and seismic
Barely keeping me sane

Sea water makes me nauseous
Makes my eyes tear up with pain
The saline, it burns
And I pray for the rain

It is here I step onto
A piece of small sea glass
Seeping smooth sensuality
Something cloudy and comforting.

It is but a mirror
Of what I see here
I shall keep this eroded shard
Ever so near

Where my heart never was.
Nor will it ever here, stay.
I hold it to my chest,
Continue on my way.