Three in a row
It’s usually a cat’s game,
So here we go!

Three in a row
Who is gonna get it?
Who knows? Who knows?

And if I happen to lose,
We’ll play again.
And if you happen to lose
We’ll play again

The point isn’t to win
Even at the end
The point is that you’ve had fun
And made a friend.


Sentimentality Hour: The only advice I’d ever give:

To I.G., for the kind words. 

You should always make a cup of tea
For it is comforting

You should always wear something comfy
That allows you to be free

You should always make the effort to see
Your friends and family

You should even admire simple trees
Or the sea smells in the breeze

You should try to agree
to disagree
To open closed mentalities

You shouldn’t always aim to please
And sacrifice individuality

And lastly,
You should never have to be alone
if you don’t want to be

Make a cup of tea
Put on something comfy
Look at the trees
Or watch a movie
And aim only to please


And everyone else
Should see that.

But if company is what you lack,
Head on back into my arms,
I’ll protect you from the harm
That solitude often brings.

Though being alone is fine,
So long as you are happy-

But you should never have to be alone
if you don’t want to be.


Baby feet
like sugarplum gumdrops
Covered in sweetness
Only the tongue can describe

Enveloped in intrinsic tenderness
It can’t help but commit-
Akin to the kind of touch a mother holds
Her precious children with

Plush plush plush
Fluffy poodles and the smile of the old lady who sells
Candied strawberries on the street
Drizzled around the eyes of a kind maiden
Laden with tumultuous softness
That always welcomes embrace

With honey trapped in dimples
Skin smooth and supple
I sneak a nibble,
Sly and delicious
Simply nutritious
To my soul,
As it seeks this aura everywhere.

This does not mean
This can withstand
A million and one falls.

The echoing ripples of circles
In the pond of teardrops
Reserved for the world
And everyone in it
Seems to scan for you in a hopeful distance
Permeating constantly…

I’m merely a timid girl
Who fears rigidity and barriers
Desperate for a haven
Of feathers
Of warm rotund flesh
To retreat my head in

No matter how hard
I rub it the wrong way
It will never catch flame

And anger skips straight to a pensive forgiveness
That will continue to love and be my friend

For we do not keep scores
And we treasure scars
Silly enough to pick at scabs playfully
Taking the new ruggedness
Regarding it still:
With the mark of experience.



The opening of a brand new book
The day’s addiction finally unhooked
The initial crisp bite of a juicy red apple
The reward of deep seated challenges tackled

The ripping of packages freshly delivered
The hiss of a soda clicked off, anew
The drink that first intoxicates your liver
The time when “you” actually means “two”

The future friend introduced as a stranger
The wearing of newly bought clothes in the street
The sensation of fearing traumatic danger
The change that happens when you take a grand leap

These are the moments which initiate fragile beginnings
Each time, the flap of a butterfly’s wings
These are the memories that must last forever
For there is no end to the start of these things

This precious life, composed of habits
Circular, routine, and done without thought
Easy to grow confused and wreck havoc
From the love that is happily- sadly sought

Remember the look you once placed on your lovers
How it grew from enchantment to madness, then pain
Maintain a distance to compose composure
In reflection, recollection, circumspection, in rain.

Watch the hate melt away into dreary forgiveness
In yourself, in them, in the need for disdain
Recall the support of the many others
Who stayed in your life while you’d gone insane

Be in love with yourself
In the silence of solitude
Be aware of your mood
And what you wish to do

Before you forget what is ultimately true,
This love aims to cradle sweet life
Which is you.

Favourite Poem of the Day: Love and Friendship by Emily Brönte


Love is like the wild rose-briar,
Friendship like the holly-tree—
The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms
But which will bloom most constantly?

The wild rose-briar is sweet in spring,
Its summer blossoms scent the air;
Yet wait till winter comes again
And who will call the wild-briar fair?

Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now
And deck thee with the holly’s sheen,
That when December blights thy brow
He still may leave thy garland green


My first poem of the year

You ask me if I have a
“New Years Resolution,”

I gotta write myself
A new constitution.
Ima start a personal revolution
Cuz I made a conclusion:
I wasn’t being the best person I could’ve,
I wasn’t.

Didn’t take risks or chances that I could’ve,
I wouldn’t.

I didn’t see the good in front of me,
I couldn’t
But I wanted.

Ima treat myself better
Than how I treat my best friends
I’m start things and finish’em
Right till they end

Ima love a bit harder than ever before
Ima even call my mum a little bit more.

Ima tell everyone I adore that they deserve mountains instead of molehills,
Cause they’re all modest in nature and indulge wisely like mice
You deserve every grain in that small bowl of rice
Even if you don’t want to admit it
Even if you don’t realise

Ima sing
Ima craft a love song through the notes that I write
Through my scribbles and nibbles
Gonna treat my lovers right

My friends
my companions
my sisters and brothers
I’ll smother y’all with cheesy shit
Like the personal poet you never had

And I’m glad
That I have the nicest humans
Who I only met in happenstance
Who listen to my ramblings
And the dramatic ways of my circumstance

Maybe this year
I write something brilliant,
But if I can manage to make someone smile
That would already be significant

If you asked me for my New Years Resolution,
I couldn’t really answer you,
The goals I have in mind
Are really far from “just a few.”