Acknowledge all these differences
So we may conclude:
We are still the same.

Then register all the various views
Issued true
From where we came.

Embracing fully
all we are
And what is in a name.

Learning that
Even perceptions
Should not merely fit
in frames.


對不起(dui bu qi) I am sorry…

near the height of her age
her hands are empty
where her children used to braid themselves
into her palms

used to point and ask questions,
passing down eternal wisdom
that makes the cultural quirks of
an identity

now they’re occupied with smartphones
and they’re never really listening
she cannot participate in everyday conversation
riddled with language barriers-
the terms of a new generation
that’s ashamed of the former

that refuses to explain itself
to those who older

she is unable to handle an iPhone
even though
she really wants to understand.

instead she is met
with rolling eyes and scoffs
everyone wants full fledged facts now-

can this heritage be verified?

she just wants to,
once again,
hold their hands
to let them guide
like she did before.

they never did realise
nor ever remember
their only source of knowledge
before Google was accessible

she merely wanted
to be together,
simply and calmly
like when they used to watch the rain

doing 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles
enjoying the silence in every gap
finding mini victories
in every bond and connection

persistently asking
what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner
simply and calmly
to feel needed by someone again.

no follow up questions
no tweets or followers
the only attention that was needed
was from her;
all her.

now she barely see her children…
only as a notification on messenger.

she expected more
when they said
“all the time”

she did not expect to be
left behind.