top dog under dog

top dog under dog

i wish there was
a middle dog

that would help everyone
get along

instead of feeling


dirty bus

There’s a big difference between a clean bus
And a dirty bus.

Although both take you
to where you need to go
And both will hoard random strangers
And both will have crying babies during inopportunely long journeys;

A dirt stained window obstructs all beauty that you may pass
Even if it’s right in front of your nose
Helping you fail
to realise
how picturesque the path is.

PDA (pt.2)

It is 3 degrees tonight, outside,
Surely, you have a bed inside?

Wider than the length of  bench?
Comfier than the hard cement?

It’s cold! So cold!
I shiver for you,
I want to put a blanket on you.

Surely, this can’t be so romantic!
Should one freeze to death,
That would be panic!

I understand passion is very heated
But love-making makes inefficient warmth.
Perhaps you’d keep your large coat on,
I hear upcoming’s a large windstorm…

Fine, okay,
You do your business.
I am neither your mother nor friend,
Just, make sure you keep on the torso bits
You wouldn’t want a nasty end.

Or maybe you do. I don’t know.