inadequacy stinks

galumphing through a bookshop in my home city
i attempt to read some Taiwanese poetry

understanding every other word,
my mind screams
barely piecing together
a fragment of someone else soul
preaching about the transient quality of attraction
…                                                                           (i think)

feeling a phoney,
i scramble back to the “Foreign Language“ section
where I am strong again-
and think myself
“real clever”

in a place,
according to my passport,
I supposedly


 – inspired by a pair of gorgeous eyes –

Infatuated by vermilion
Charmed to death by emerald
They say beauty pertains particular
To each eye, to stare and behold

These colours so beguile me
Confused, whether “either/or”.
It is them that provokes wise smiling
On my face and in my core

I sought your gaze across the room
And filled with sudden panic,
Swept away by an alluring bloom
Of a desire rather static

Is it the green of your irises
That draws me to your looks?
I’m aware of my own biases
Which I often have mistook

Is it the teal of your cardigan?
I approach with pretense, and try again
To ascertain curiosity-
Contemplate attraction’s philosophy

I suppose it matters not.
What matters is, “I’m got”.
For weeks have passed- it is your guise!
The only stranger
I’ve not forgot.