futile nectar

It seems everyone’s back-up expression
in any given dynamic
is that

“You can’t change people.”

Well… goddamn.

You can’t change someone if they wanna be changed
and you can’t change someone if they don’t
and you can just watch as your family members and friends
slowly destroy themselves
drink themselves to death
or kill themselves
because this is the accepted fate of mankind and humanity
merely because we all believe
“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”

But if you stick an elderly labradoodle into a lava pit,
it’ll still try to avoid it.

A podcast for class once denoted the fact that primates have learned how to shift their opinions more effectively than humans because when it comes to admitting fault and acknowledging difference,
We are more idiotic than monkeys and chimpanzees.
More stubborn than donkeys and giant oak trees.

And those of us who try
to do something
will die off like honey bees.


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