Still, Solidarity

This situation is particular,
Spectacular, piacular-
Still can’t really believe
What’s happened to her.

Oh, dear America,
Oh, land of the brave,
Your people have shown
They are ignorant knaves

Stream back to the time
When there were still slaves
Blatant legal bigotry,
Enforcing cruel trades

It seems little has changed…
No, there has been improvement-
Yet we’ve just went backwards
In monumental movement.

Devastated reactions
With the recent election –
Don’t know who to blame
For outrageous selection.

However, remember,
To stand all together
In rainbows and colours
Against fearsome weather

Turn this hate into patience
Trying to understand
How destiny wants us
To learn from this plan

For I am still hopeful
In the kindness of others.
I will teach from my sorrows
And spread warmth from my lovers-

These are tough times to bear
It’s a burden we share.
Let us show that we care
For each other’s welfare.

I am not in America, nor have I lived there for a very long time, but this is a similar reaction to this year’s Brexit- only now, I am directly effected. I can only hope that my friends and loved ones who are will stick together in these times. Take care of yourself and others. 


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