MANDO POP TRANSLATION: 失憶的金魚 Goldfish of Lost Memories by Rainie Yang

Hey you guys! I’m starting a new series of posts which are translated lyrics of Mandarin pop lyrics (which can be hilarious in English). I hope you guys give them a read! These are the lyrics according to the music video, so if you watch them side by side, you can get everything she saids. It’s a super dramatic one you guys ^_^

失憶的金魚 Goldfish of Lost Memories by Rainie Yang



How to cure a broken heart? Hmm..Talk to friends…go out to karaoke all night…or purposely find a rainy day to explore.

Should I simply or cry? 

Perhaps just getting really fucking drunk. 

And even then? What if it’s still not okay?

Would escape be an easier path?

我的簡訊 在你手機裡面哭
你不碰 它孤獨
我像一隻金魚 你看不到淚珠
只有那盆水 才清楚

My text message lies crying inside your phone
You don’t touch it- it feels lonely.
I am like a goldfish,
You can’t see these teardrops
Only the water in the bowl is clear.

這一哭 誰一鬧 那一痛 誰一抱
那晚摔碎的魚缸 陪我們睡不著
剩你我兩隻魚 怎麼都捱不到

There is crying-
Who started the argument?
A pang of pain,
We hold each other-
That night, the broken fishbowl accompanied us in insomnia
Just you and me, two goldfish,
who cannot escape the suffering
that comes from lost and estranged embraces

我就這樣好不好 記住你撐到七秒
你就不要急切的 趕走我撥起秒錶
我們就說好 我也盡力會做到

I shall just be like this-
Unable to remember you after 7 seconds
So do not be in a hurry to reset my stopwatch
I shall just be like this-
I will work hard to achieve it…
Let’s make a pinky promise to stay in touch
But keep distant.

我就這樣好不好 趁最後再愛七秒
不管給我就算是 陌生的一個心跳
當我們說好 發現真的很難做到
有感情 誰都賴不掉 賴不掉

I shall just be like this-
Rushing to love you for another 7 seconds
Even if you should give me them
They will be heartbeats for a stranger.
At the time, we had agreed this
Yet discovered the difficulty-
Still, there is passion,
which is inevitably here to stay.

What is there to worry about me? Haven’t I always been looked after well? 
What…I’ve gotten thinner? 
How is that possible? 
We’re always eating midnight snacks together! 
You said that if goldfish leave the surface of the water,
They have difficulty breathing…
[breathes heavily]
I think I’m okay…

I just to want try hard and remember everything…
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 –

Just pretend tahat the love is still there.
That you didnt leave.
I’ll pretend that I’m still…just fine.

Just fine.


“Goldfish only have a memory of 7 seconds! How lucky!” 


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