Less Than, More Than

Less than a lover,
More than a friend
Less than a habit
Than something to trend

Less than a base
More than an attraction
Less than a lover,
But not a distraction.

This seems not a cycle
That will ever end.
A circular pattern
That refuses to bend.

Either you try to commit
Or you have to confess
There’s naught but attention
At you I direct

Or that you have feelings
Of them you are scared
It’s less than enough
To help truth ascend.

Your heart is too weak
Reason much too strong
It tells you it’s wrong
It tells you you’re wrong.

In something less than time
You might have regrets
More than sadness you’ll feel
Because I’ve gone and went.

I know that you love me
Not the way I would want
But you’ll know that I loved you
All memories taunt

And I’ll grow to hate you
Less than an enemy
You’ll start to miss me
A bit more than I’d think

Maybe this way’s better.
You’re not ready for love.
In time it’ll come,
By that time I’ll be gone.


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