Imagine when
Coming out
For us
Finally meant
Going out to dance

Imagine when
Family and friends
Finally accepted us
For who we are

Imagine when
We reached a frustration
Too fierce to hold back anymore
We broke down the steel closet door
Any anyone who kept us in
With pride
And compassion
And it was enough.

Fighting to be simply
Who we were born
Coming out with my brothers and sisters
That I handpicked myself
Ready to dance the night away…

Imagine when
I saw them coming out
With gunshot wounds
And bloodstained clothes

Imagine when
I saw the person
Responsible for this monstrosity

49 dead
As many as the members of family I have
All over the world

49 dead.
3 classrooms worth
The amount at a local charity concert
Mourned universally
Because love transcends all kinds of boundaries
Except those of stubborn, ignorant, and hostile borders.

Because hate equates to pain in the end.
It’s always sorrow in the end.

Imagine when
Coming out in a club
Wasn’t such a hard thing to do before
But the fear is there once more,
And I’m terrified of what’s in store.


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