*DISCLAIMER* sorry vegans, it’s a touchy topic. i myself do not consume so much actual cheese.  just take it with a grain of salt(or a cube of feta HAHA) it’s all about the feelings yo. 

vegetarians will agree with me
we all fucking love the cheese
especially when it’s gooey and melty
making us weak at the knees

what goes better with a great gesture of romance
than a slice of soft French brie?

when love puts up a powerful trance,
add some of that baked halloumi!

truly, you’d be lying to say,
you hate the cheese.

we live for the cheese,
wishing that our antics
were as freely bursting with intensity
like a grilled cheese sandwich
with too much cheddar
and george foreman is bubbling it up
and burning up
with rust
or lust-
or bust.

it makes us feel appreciated
like the yummy noises of people eating pizza
on the drunk way home
holding a lover’s hand

or better yet,
sharing cheesy chips
each sticky potato brick building upon
life goals and life plans aimed
to spend together

maybe it’s not cool to enjoy sprinkling
a lot of parmesan on things

but i say,
do what you love!

let that affection cement
like feta cubes to quinoa

let that monterey jack
sweep you off your feet

keep that paneer nearby
for a mundane day

be gouda to yourself
and everyone on the way

let your heart stretch out
like mozzarella strings

add flavour to routine,
it’ll be emmentally freeing

to explore these sweet dreams;
too much dairy, perhaps,
but don’t lie to me, honey-
it’s all about the cheese.


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