each palm gave birth to five explorers
each given a purpose to work hard in tandem
laborious tasks always burdened
distracting attention span

working the weight of the task at hand
never once found a surface worth grazing soft
never once found the time to dance and enjoy
the subtle touch of the gentle sun

they found your palms,
found themselves intertwined
stopped fidgeting for the first time in their lives
found themselves content to last there a while
no longer restless
no longer wild

with a kind of curiosity never before seen
they scoped the scape of your facial screen
they caressed the best of the unseen
they wanted to know your body intimately

in order to geographically pinpoint the scene
most beauteous in their world of adventuring
despite having gone many places
they stand here aghast
finally having found paradise at last

wanderlust be damned
they will keep themselves planted here in your hands
happy to explore anything you should desire

they remain a companion to tarry along
giving support when you can’t be strong
guiding you forward when you can’t carry on

no longer stuck in a pattern of longing
tapping the surface of a table somewhere.


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