Poem of the Day: “Cines”(1921) by Lucía Sánchez Saornil

Lucía Sánchez Saornil was a poet part of the Ultraismo, an avantegarde literary movement born in Spain in 1918 that rejected conventional formats and expressions of poetry in exchange for direct and vivid imagery and experimental display that did not use flowery language or personal narrative in order to expand the nature of universality in visual words. The elimination of sentimentalism was a direct rejection of  romantic Modernist trends that were deemed too “ornamental” and lacking in substance. 


La ventana pantalla cinemática
reproduce su película inmortal
en los espejos.

La cinta se fragmenta a cada paso
y se barajan los episodios
Los actores son siempre distintos.

Tú y yo actores anónimos
un día pasaremos ante el objetivo

La calle llena el cuarto
Los espejos acuarios
fluyen sus aguas turbias.

Encendemos las baterías.
El cuarto se va por los espejos

A toda luz mis palabras-
reflectores proyectan en tus ojos
un film sentimental.

— [ENG] —


The cinematic screen
Reproduces its’ immortal movie
In reflections.

The film fragments on every take
and shuffles the episodes
The actors are always distinct.

You and I, anonymous actors
We will pass a day before the objective

The street fills the room
Aquarian mirrors
Gush their murky waters.

We switch on the batteries.
The room goes for the reflections

Towards all the light
My ignited words project in your eyes
A sentimental film.



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