*DISCLAIMER* sorry vegans, it’s a touchy topic. i myself do not consume so much actual cheese.  just take it with a grain of salt(or a cube of feta HAHA) it’s all about the feelings yo. 

vegetarians will agree with me
we all fucking love the cheese
especially when it’s gooey and melty
making us weak at the knees

what goes better with a great gesture of romance
than a slice of soft French brie?

when love puts up a powerful trance,
add some of that baked halloumi!

truly, you’d be lying to say,
you hate the cheese.

we live for the cheese,
wishing that our antics
were as freely bursting with intensity
like a grilled cheese sandwich
with too much cheddar
and george foreman is bubbling it up
and burning up
with rust
or lust-
or bust.

it makes us feel appreciated
like the yummy noises of people eating pizza
on the drunk way home
holding a lover’s hand

or better yet,
sharing cheesy chips
each sticky potato brick building upon
life goals and life plans aimed
to spend together

maybe it’s not cool to enjoy sprinkling
a lot of parmesan on things

but i say,
do what you love!

let that affection cement
like feta cubes to quinoa

let that monterey jack
sweep you off your feet

keep that paneer nearby
for a mundane day

be gouda to yourself
and everyone on the way

let your heart stretch out
like mozzarella strings

add flavour to routine,
it’ll be emmentally freeing

to explore these sweet dreams;
too much dairy, perhaps,
but don’t lie to me, honey-
it’s all about the cheese.



each palm gave birth to five explorers
each given a purpose to work hard in tandem
laborious tasks always burdened
distracting attention span

working the weight of the task at hand
never once found a surface worth grazing soft
never once found the time to dance and enjoy
the subtle touch of the gentle sun

they found your palms,
found themselves intertwined
stopped fidgeting for the first time in their lives
found themselves content to last there a while
no longer restless
no longer wild

with a kind of curiosity never before seen
they scoped the scape of your facial screen
they caressed the best of the unseen
they wanted to know your body intimately

in order to geographically pinpoint the scene
most beauteous in their world of adventuring
despite having gone many places
they stand here aghast
finally having found paradise at last

wanderlust be damned
they will keep themselves planted here in your hands
happy to explore anything you should desire

they remain a companion to tarry along
giving support when you can’t be strong
guiding you forward when you can’t carry on

no longer stuck in a pattern of longing
tapping the surface of a table somewhere.

I know…

(rap it if you can)
You got that look I like
where wrong looks right
And a sheen in eyes
that twinkles bright
To me it’s might
To me, it’s a fight
To what I might find
If I grab the light
The chance is slight
To fall from heights
I’ve fallen before
It hurts like shite
The world turns white
My chest breathes tight
Cuz I know,
I’ll never be the one you like.

Poem of the Day: “Cines”(1921) by Lucía Sánchez Saornil

Lucía Sánchez Saornil was a poet part of the Ultraismo, an avantegarde literary movement born in Spain in 1918 that rejected conventional formats and expressions of poetry in exchange for direct and vivid imagery and experimental display that did not use flowery language or personal narrative in order to expand the nature of universality in visual words. The elimination of sentimentalism was a direct rejection of  romantic Modernist trends that were deemed too “ornamental” and lacking in substance. 


La ventana pantalla cinemática
reproduce su película inmortal
en los espejos.

La cinta se fragmenta a cada paso
y se barajan los episodios
Los actores son siempre distintos.

Tú y yo actores anónimos
un día pasaremos ante el objetivo

La calle llena el cuarto
Los espejos acuarios
fluyen sus aguas turbias.

Encendemos las baterías.
El cuarto se va por los espejos

A toda luz mis palabras-
reflectores proyectan en tus ojos
un film sentimental.

— [ENG] —


The cinematic screen
Reproduces its’ immortal movie
In reflections.

The film fragments on every take
and shuffles the episodes
The actors are always distinct.

You and I, anonymous actors
We will pass a day before the objective

The street fills the room
Aquarian mirrors
Gush their murky waters.

We switch on the batteries.
The room goes for the reflections

Towards all the light
My ignited words project in your eyes
A sentimental film.


Sentimentality Hour: Song of the Day <3 The Song of Seeonee from The Jungle Book (and The Duke of Norfolk)

Such a good tune from the Duke! Check it out! the lyrics below are poetry ❤ 


To the moon we’ll lift our voices
In fearful harmony
No one but us rejoices at
The song of the Seeonee

All for one, and one for all
We’ll sing out our deeds tonight
Oh hear the tune of the wild hunting call
As we sing by the moon’s silverlight


The pack can always defend it’s own
Wherever it’s own may lack
The tiger may be king when he fights alone
But the tiger fears the pack
But the tiger fears the pack

[Chorus] *3
To the moon we’ll lift our voices
In fearful harmony
No one but us rejoices at
The song of the Seeonee

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