Scanned transport card
Smooshed into a can of passengers
We are intimate for one second
And not intimate at all.

Discomfort and comfort
Some people
Will not be touched again that day
I haven’t talked to anyone yet today
Towards the same direction we sway
And sway.

I don’t have to be here.
Lost in a current of indecision
and carelessness
Afraid of meaning
And commitment

These names I will forget with time.

But addicted to bonds
Each costing me
An amount of feelings
I have to save

And I waste away
When there’s no guarantee
No warranty for kindness.

I sit in the seat
Back and forth
Never making exits
Always missing chances
To discover a new world
For the realms I know
Disappoint and terrify

They hurt
And I know why.
I don’t know why.

Each person
Each carriage
Warped like a different segment of life that I will never see
Their world moves before
Or after

Your perspective
Is not unique

It’s rather bleak
To go outside
The sunlight blinds the minds eye
For a happiness
You may not have…

I’d much rather
Stay here
Near the rails
Where everyone lost
Wants to be.


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