Sentimentality Hour: Musings on the Metro

Shall I create an excuse
To talk to you?
Beautiful stranger.

Your colourful jumper precipitates
A colourful personality.

You jumped out at me
In my attention
Which was sorely bemused by the state of affairs
I wonder to what extent
You know that I care,
And that I am watching you fetter.

And then,
You’re gone!

For my courage was daunted
By the expectation
To keep to myself

You were gone before I had the chance to even make an opportunity
To feign myself stupid
To ask a question:
This question was crafted for your ears alone
Though it sounds guileless, this fact is unknown.

Should the answer solicit further interest
I would have been ready to plunge myself into darkness
And you would have no idea
That I was thinking
This much
For you.


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