cyborg experience

am i pathetic?

to cling on to these

anonymous comments

to validate me


i cannot find this in reality

i cannot find what i truly need


am i lonely

attention seeking?

peaking at pages of faces that i’ll never know


reluctantly grow

the growth is slow

the tree outside my window

may be wiser


i sprawl myself spread across the bed

glued to my macbook air

this online community

makes me happy

it is living live that wears me down


is that ok?

is that acceptable?


if you are trapped in a social means that does not allow you to find what you want outside of the scope of existence,

i’m scrolling down my list of residence

do i merely crave a change of environment?


i have tried and initiated

i’m a go getter

i hate waiting

but i await for something to sweep me off my feet


i do all the sweeping

cleaning up my brain space to bravely admit


i am not content with how things are.

but i fear too much to venture far.


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