you are a reflection of everything i am not
you are the culmination for everything i have sought
you are the reason my own self i have fought
you are the spectre that haunts all my thoughts

you are the progress for which i have made
you are the power pumping blood in my veins
you are the loathing i express in my pain
you are the dreams i have spitefully slain

you are the mockingbird who sings me sweet lullabies
you are the image that keeps me up at night
you are photosynthesis culminated from light
you are the determinant of my courage and might

you are you are you are
you are a lot of things
you are you are you are
you are everything
yet i assign you to several entities
you are completely ridiculous
you are absurdly amazing

you give and you clip my two wings as i sing
the songs of my worries and wants,
just one thing,
i want you to want all the reasons you bring me

you are my universe
i just want you to want me


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