The opening of a brand new book
The day’s addiction finally unhooked
The initial crisp bite of a juicy red apple
The reward of deep seated challenges tackled

The ripping of packages freshly delivered
The hiss of a soda clicked off, anew
The drink that first intoxicates your liver
The time when “you” actually means “two”

The future friend introduced as a stranger
The wearing of newly bought clothes in the street
The sensation of fearing traumatic danger
The change that happens when you take a grand leap

These are the moments which initiate fragile beginnings
Each time, the flap of a butterfly’s wings
These are the memories that must last forever
For there is no end to the start of these things

This precious life, composed of habits
Circular, routine, and done without thought
Easy to grow confused and wreck havoc
From the love that is happily- sadly sought

Remember the look you once placed on your lovers
How it grew from enchantment to madness, then pain
Maintain a distance to compose composure
In reflection, recollection, circumspection, in rain.

Watch the hate melt away into dreary forgiveness
In yourself, in them, in the need for disdain
Recall the support of the many others
Who stayed in your life while you’d gone insane

Be in love with yourself
In the silence of solitude
Be aware of your mood
And what you wish to do

Before you forget what is ultimately true,
This love aims to cradle sweet life
Which is you.


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