Short Bursts



Just a fun idea of how to imagine your love would exhibit itself if it was physical.

The feeling one gets
From swallowing food down the wrong pipe
That erupts in coughs of desperate breaths

That is how my love bursts for you

As if short gasps spastic
Longing for oxygen
is the lack of the air
You reside in

Eyelids filling with biological tears
Uncontrollable in designation
I must stop here and stand for a while
To regain my composure

A pause;
T’was a shock that made me lose all routine reason
I am quite skilled at delivering food gastronomically

It was the thought of thee looking directly at me
Made me choke and lunge for the particles

A fit of admiration
I have no constraints
Nor restraints
Nor act tame
To disguise this repertoire,

All I can do is stand far
And sit in recovery
Wondering thusly
If these bursts of desire
Will take my breath away
Once more.


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