FanPoetry: Waterloo

I must admit, this is a first for me…writing fan poetry based on a movie..this is a poem based on the movie Carol (2015) dir. Todd Haynes. If you’ve watched it, perhaps you will enjoy it. It is ridiculously pulchritudinous, cinematically and emotionally overwhelming in every single way. I am still in recovery, and I shant find a movie this inspiring until … well, ever.  



The must of high-end perfume diffuses into my veins
Which runs in the currents
Runs into circles and swirls of desire
Pumped all over my body
I’m weak at the knees
I’m wondering if you’re seeing what I see

Unsure if you realise
The way I’m gazing at you
Do you look at everyone like this?
For me,
Only you.

You walked into my life
Fur coat, red lips-
Proclaiming attention,
Especially mine

I imagine the texture of the hairs
The hairs on your back,
The cares that lie beneath
That adorable pink beret

I fear I’ve gone astray at the thought of you
And only you
My mind no longer accepts images
that aren’t you
Should you invite me to indulge in your presence
You said to me,

Would you?”

Hesitation to feign some nonchalance
Training control where it is due
Barely able to contain my lustful thirst,
I’ll go to you,
I want you.

Communicating what is true
Blazing my desperate longing through
Those calm grey eyes
The smoothest stone,
A love tune

Lullaby, lullaby
You may be wise
Helping me rise
My fortune

Flung out of space
A black hole am I,
Merging with the smoke trailing from your mouth
Devour every thought that floats aimless
In my mind
I do not mind

What is this love?

It is for you.

Keep down inside
This fragile mine
Ready to explode
At your slightest touch

And your disguise,
Undressed with time
Vodka and wine
Passion and grind

You are magnificent,
All I crave’s your kiss
Smell your neck
Your wrist,

Spiral into uncertainty
Detect reciprocity
Hoping you know what you mean to me…
A dream turned to reality,

“Carol, I love you.”

I thought a million times over,
Never did I know
What was to come
To which you replied,

“Don’t you know…
I love you?”

You call me an angel,
But you took me to heaven.

Flung out of space,
Right into your arms.

Finally, I sleep
Lulled to by
The sound of your breath
Matching the rhythm
my heart.


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