Favourite Poem of the Day (Month): The Earth and Her People by Janina Degutytė

To us you are as indispensable as bread,
A sky-blue well of never-ending life,
A shelter built of birch or cypress logs,
A mother and a child to us you are.
And we so often kiss you and we curse you,
We are so ruthless
and so kind to you…
We are your dust, we are your soul and body
With all the imprints of the twentieth century.
We are your living joy, your living sorrow,
We are your honour, also your disgrace…
Enveloped in an apple-blossom veil
And laden with a load of bread and honey
You’re flying to the Sun you cannot reach
But which is to be reached by us –
your restless dust, your soul…
…You, Earth, are an eternal song
and mystery to us…


I’m going a little bit crazy about Eastern European poets ❤


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