Emptiness is Scarier than Sorrow

When cigarettes no longer make me choke
When whiskey no longer burns my throat
When hugs and kisses are passive strokes
When you don’t even consider hope

When laughter can only be a reaction
When praying for some sort of distraction
When it’s difficult to feel the least bit attraction
When there’s no comfort in taking action

I find emptiness scarier than sorrow
Living on each day as if t’were hollow
And lifelessness in which I wallow
Grows harder and harder to swallow

Wondering thusly if I’ll be inspired
By those who I have come to admire
Secretly wish I will not simply retire
And extinguish passion’s fire

Emptiness is scarier than sorrow
Some other love I may have to borrow
Until then, I wander to and fro
I might feel better tomorrow.


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