I spend the day on Middle Meadow Walk
Attempting to slip pamphlets to willing fingertips,
Have people stop for the words from my lips
Disguising corporate advertisement

There’s hundreds of us like this,
Catching a spare moment of time from unsuspecting tourists
Hoping to God that they’ll take the time to listen
And not just pass us by like wind

With every single flyer I give
A gift consisting of the livelihood of hardworking artists
My heart feels split and worn and thin
When I see it on the floor or bin

As much as I feel resilience
After rude stares saying
“I want nothing more than for you to leave me alone”
For every kind stranger who smiles back
It’s like a kiss on the cheek
It is wondrous.
It is magical.
It is simply…bliss.

This slip of paper gives me permission to disrupt conversations
Stumble upon lives I would’ve never thought to
And all I’ve really learned from these experiences is-
There are kind people all around you.

Tourists who understand an exhausting work day
Naively thinking taking my flyer will give me satisfaction
Little do they realise that by staying just 10 seconds longer by my side
Fills my insides with joy and life

The streets are rife with sympathy and anxiety
I build solidarity with every stack of cardboard I see
Though always on edge while on the clock
I have bursts of new pulsing energy

In the eyes of a flyerer
Every person is a passenger who flies through us
Deciding whether to be influenced by interaction
Cut out the factor of attraction
Whatever happens, it’s a kind of distraction
The kind we look for in entertainment

Although my feet have turned to jelly
And my back is screaming curse words at me
The rate of wage still quite depressing
I march on, rather silly-nilly-ly

Trying hard to make sure people go to good shows
Supporting performance, watching love for art glow
None of that really matters though,
Because at the end of the day,
My love for people continues to grow.


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