Pour All Your Heart Out

Pour all your heart out
Like a teapot, short and stout
Here is my handle, here is my spout
Hear me shout

My emotions are fundamental
My persona- sentimental
Lend my thoughts to you like rentals
In confessions I feel mental

If you can relate
That makes me feel great
Realise I’m not alone in these crazy states
With these weird ass traits

As much as I believe in fate
Hiding these poems cannot wait
These words can’t hesitate
Please write on my pure blank slate

Reactions I anticipate
Serve them to me on a plate
Can’t estimate
How everyone thinks
So contemplate

Thanks for reading my shit
My gratitude you have lit
Like a candle stick
An inspiration to flicker and whip

Thanks again, You
I hope you remember through and through
That someone else out there
Is thankful for you too.


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