Lightbulb Looks


Your eyes electric
Course through like voltage intensity
All you did was kindly look at me
And I’m shocked to see you lingering

My comfort’s paralysed
Am I very obviously mystified?
Am I the only one feeling these currents, these vibes
Tumbling nervously on the inside by your side?

Yet you walk on casually
Walk forth
Walk back
Not knowing at all that I feel attacked
Your glow and your beauty
Enraptured and captured
Kidnapped I am haggard
And staggered by you.

“Hey it was nice to meet you. I’ll definitely see you soon!”

Let that “definitely” be engraved in my brain like a promise of fate
Pretend that it’s destiny while I go to the bar where you wait
Approach on the pretence of being a possible mate
Hoping it’s not a more permanent state

I’m enjoying too much being struck by lightening
Struck by your gaze
The sparks make me blush
And my heart’s in a blaze
I do not often love pain in this way
But it was indeed
A pleasure,
To meet you today.


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