It’s funny always to look around and see
Something that’s always been in front of you
Only to conclude that it was much more than you thought it was

Wipe the fuzz off your glances and peer through reality glasses
Through the massive amount of distraction it’s hard to find anything anyways
So focus and look carefully
Or you might miss it
Again and again,
Before it’s too late.

Before things start changing at alarming rates,
Before the delay makes the gapping gap great.
Before fate decides that it’s not enough to just tolerate a blind search that’s precarious
Waiting along the side for your attention to finally zoom into clarity
By the time you care and even notice something’s amiss
A wasted wish
And a shooting star disappears into the distance
Kissing your existence goodbye and separated.
When it was there all along.

Take the chance and grab it.
Walk on the pavement fast and grasp the night as it passes.
Look at your surroundings and smile at what you think is funny
Spend less money-
Find odd solutions to problems
Rule of thumb is to live life spontaneously and never for granted
It’s an access to live life
And living life’s an honour…

We want what we can’t have
And that fact’s a law since
It’s always proven true
That the new makes us “awe”
And the old does now too.

But relax, and live in the present,
And since opposites attract
And you’re meant to be the way you are
What you want will find you back
The way night finds blackness
Then back to sunrise again.

Don’t be a phantom of a human being
Believing that there’s nothing more to life that what you’ve been doing.
Or already have done
No problem too big or too much to handle,
With family and friends you’ll be alright with a helping hand
All you need to do is look closely and listen,
Love and life is all around you,
Let it embrace you and take you
Make you grateful and never wasteful
Seize the sight and close your eyes…
Maybe you can finally see it in focus,
Making you wonder:

“Where have I been?”


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