We’ll Be Fine

I wrote this at a time of when a lot of my friends were having a rough time. I decided to write a little something to make them feel better…Also discussing how hard some people find it to open up emotionally. 

For those of you who don’t know me
I like to share things
Where others fret about wearing their heart on their sleeve
I wear mine on my chest
Cause emotions are too big to disguise.

Why not wear them with pride?
To those calm and reserved
I feel absurd
Pouring out the contents of my mind out like free tea for no reason
But I suppose the reason lies in the fact that people like my tea
Brewed in authentic sincerity
Envious reverie
For some have told me that they wish they could like this way
BE vulnerable.
I find that unbelievable.

I’ve been raised like a balloon with a leak,
And when the teardrops start to stretch out my tolerance
They burst from the porthole that is my mouth
And I talk and talk enthusiastically,
Until only a small amount is left.

For some people I imagine it’s tricky
To appear cool and distant
They distance themselves from their feelings
Refusing to peel off one by one the layers of resistance that their onion of a heart has grown
Soon enough, I fear something will cut deep down into the core
And someone will cry. That’s when they start to lie.

Lie about all that consumes their frail mind
Separate their insides like dirty laundry.
All the wondrous colourful bits will be stained red and black if you’re not careful.
But they’re full of fear anyways and therefore distracted, their face always a consistent shade of haze too difficult to define. They’ll tell you they’re “fine.” Yet, when it’s so hard to tell, can you read between the lines?

I try to see that the world is divine,
But amongst the symphony of sighs and regrets I can’t forget that there are people suffering.
People waiting for aid like a video buffering in an area where there’s no internet connection.
I can only look towards affection.
For it’s hard to find love when facing so much rejection, looking in the wrong direction,
Constant circumspection.
A reflection.

Dear Diary,
I grow weary of people most of the time and I don’t know why. Nothing ever seems to work out for me and maybe it’s just not meant to be, but how many times do I have to tell myself that before I actually believe it? There are incredible people out there and they seem unhappy. Just like I am.
Just like me.
Why the hell do we all feel so crappy?

For those of you who do know me,
I think I may feel too many things.
How every moment together can inspire some poetry
I hope you adore me.
For I love all of you with a unfiltered passion
And when you feel like crying and being an onion
I’ll be there to catch the rain,
I’ll peel real carefully
Or maybe buy you gum…Because I hear that helps sometimes.

Life is too short to fear.
Say it with me,
And though my chest makes an easy target for arrows that do and don’t belong to Cupid
It’d be stupid to waste it not being yourself
Trying to be somebody else.
You have a WEALTH of unique features that nobody has
And even though you can compare and contrast the details of your life with those of others
You’re still not the same.

And you’re not the blame either.
It’s too easy to put fault on yourself and induce self-loathing
Wear a set of hateful clothing
Spread negativity just to be able to empathise with people who hurt the same in a different way.
But have a little self-respect,
You deserve better sometimes. You really fucking do.

Though sadness often comes of waves of aggressive oceans
Reach out to your friends,
Since they tend to come through for you.
Friends, who’ll throw you a safety net
When you’re falling fast out of your mind.

We’ll be fine.
It gets better, you tell yourself that and we’ll be fine.
If life was a cheesy chick flick, you’re just at the beginning.
When the cool kids are bitchy popular girls and douchey jocks,
Not yet the people who will show you cool music and parts of their world.

For those of you who don’t know me,
Or do know me,
Please know that I love to sigh,
But my sighs are followed with a quick smile with no “why?”
Life is more than just getting by. More than trying to survive. Think not about the goodbyes but rather the highs and the “hi”s.
Because I believe we’ll be fine.

And if you still don’t believe it after that, let me know. If you believe you’ve been ripped apart, I know how to sew.


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