Stable Winds

This poem was inspired my my friend Adam, who is also known as a local musician in Edinburgh called The Duke of Norfolk. He is a traveler and sailor at heart. His new EP “Three Days From the Wolf” can be found on BandCamp (and it’s real good if you like some folk 😉 

The way that the wind blows
Often makes us stand firmer on our feet
Swept away we want to be
But we’ve certain commitments to keep

As wanderlust is a convincing treat,
Imagining days out at the sea
Walking on mountains covered in sleet
Hardly ever going to sleep…

It’s easy to crave traveling days
When the way we walk turns routine
But the second consistency dissolves
It’s exactly what we seek.

I met a guy the other day
With dreams to be in a boat
To be shipwrecked in the ocean
His preferred fantasy
Transposing beautiful music beats
To the soft calls of the shore.

It reminded me that I want to move about more.

I get no rest from restlessness
Fatigued from stressing out how I don’t know where I’m going
So maybe if I move around I can find direction somehow.
Destinations are physical locations that bring comfort since
They are place I shall end up, almost no doubt.

But every path must come to an end,
And every trip must fall back
Into the realisation that the journey was never lacking.
It was testing our patience,
Embracing change when it happened and resenting change when it returned
On a tide of aimless decision making

We rocked back and forth.

We grew seasick with tentative apologies
Migraines from accepting reality
Feverish struggles to retain a kind of tenacity
Or even inner peace.

Maybe he appreciates the soothing motion of movement rhythmic
Cryptic in his subtle appearance
A secret sailor hidden inside a man with a lot to sing
And a lot to show.

Perhaps he’ll go farther than I’ll ever hope to go
Perhaps he’ll follow where the wind takes him
Where the sails grow wide
And the seagulls crow

I’ll stay right here, my shoes planted
Like a tree rooting up trunks, sprouting leaves
Seeing that going forward can also be growing upwards
Staying exactly where I please.
Loving a gentle breeze.

Yet even though I am keen to leave
Even though I am reluctant to fully depart
This endless wandering started a long time ago,
Lingering forever in my heart
It doesn’t mean that I am lost.
Merely lusting after events I’ve sought
It generates a strange contentment
Acknowledging stability as a tangential clause.

But every ship needs a lighthouse to beckon it home
Me, here, roaming, budding newfound intimacy
Gracing new flowers and fruits of careful tender
That only come with time.

And while he can get lost in the limitless ocean
I am happy to just get lost in the limitless sky
Looking up and over with the same eyes
Paying attention how our insignificant size
Only brings a multitude of surprises from any place we choose to side

So if the inability to obtain both moving and staying still
Will inspire acceptance
I admit to regret that I have lost opportunities,
Potential momentum of prospective rides dying with each hesitation.

I’ll let the Duke teach me a lesson.

As he sweeps inside the Seeonee
Living out the fairy tales he reads
Singing words from inside his soul
In the sea he still plants seeds.

Keeping to the words he’s said
Hoping he’s a little less well-read
Finding adventure in his life,
Write his life’s story instead.

While we swap personal histories of people at bay and people at sea
Come together to learn that these are places we need to be.
At least,
For the time being.
Have being perfectly happy be the only degree we need to study
Whether that means crossing the amazon jungles or designing info-graphics for charity
It all merits a graduation ceremony.

Wherever our intentions lie,
How our burning desires right-hook us to do something,
Like an anchor on the seafloor
Another anchor cast inside of me

We’ll let the wind guide us…somewhere

We’ll let our toes squirm and squiggle
Itching to tour places unseen
Let the wind send us near or far,

Just look at the trees.


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