Don’t Shout Konnichiwa at me, Honey

I’m sorry,
Has the paler complexion of my skin become a reflection of who I am?
I don’t care if you’re joking,
I don’t give a fucking damn,
Do I shout words and slam random languages at you on the street?
Do I hang around in the safeness of my homeland? I barely land on my feet.
No. I’m not even from here
My family’s far away
In an island you know nothing of
So shut up now, okay?

Don’t give me no “Anya say yo” or even a “Ni Hao”
Just treat me like another human being
With respect
Is that hard?

Is it difficult for your ignorant puny, tiny, little, brain
To understand that some Orientals are not all the same
Or furthermore we don’t appreciate these catcalls that you tease
They just continue to prove there’s an intelligence gap, please.

I’m trying to reason with you because I just want you to learn
So stop yelling shit like that to people
In their hearts it’ll burn,
Creating difference resentment
Because you are the majority
Turning away tolerance
And discouraging diversity

Don’t shout Konnichiwa, honey
It’s not at fucking all funny,
If that’s a joke then thank god you do not do stand up for money
My smaller eyes and flatter nose
Only means different ethnic zones
So why act like I’m an alien from the layer ozone?

Don’t yell words at me like some animal
at the zoo,
But if you’re dumb as I think you are,
I might yell words at you too.

So fuck off, stop acting like I’m a free circus act,
I may be exotic but I don’t merit verbal attacks
If you think you’re flirting, you’re an idiot
This DOES NOT attract
So go back to your room and have a nice jack-off you jackass.

Inspired by some asshole I met in the Meadows who kept yelling at me. This has happened so many times and I’m officially pissed. 


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