The Voice of the Crevice Below the Heater, Neglected

Inspired by a little critter who lives in the wall.

Oh sleeping human,
Peaceful grunts flow melodically though the wallpaper
Your snores are the soundtrack of my nightlife
And I love you so, for you feed me.

But you are oh so afraid of me!
Every time you see, every glimpse of me,
Provokes hostile fearful tyranny
Though all I crave is to be near thee.
All I can do to react is flee.

I think me a guardian angel,
Wanting nothing more than the best for you,
Leaving small gifts in the night,
Trying my best to be quiet while you rest
I suspect you misinterpret my gift giving.

I mean no harm!
Your arm alone is the size of my family
So I’m more terrified of my life
For it’s in your hands.

But not literally.
If it was,
It’d be like that day I wanted to cuddle
And I climbed onto your shoulder to give it a nice squeeze,
And you shrieked and flailed like a blood curdling cod,
So I jumped away violently in a wheeze.

Oh sleeping human,
If you understood my love,
Maybe we could be proper friends?
And stop killing my friends with cheese, please.
We can’t really help it, honestly,
Please refrain from the traps and poison beads

I’ll try not to be nosy,
Noisy, otherwise, cozy.
I lament it must come to this.
Perhaps one day,
In another life,
We could be together,

Please don’t get a cat.


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