I dream without dreaming
I sleep without sleeping
For slumber is hindered
By thoughts not worth keeping

Soft breeze in the evening
Leaf blades they are sweeping
I cannot help thinking
I cannot stop blinking

As much there is weeping
No tears from my eyes
Instead words flow out
And I cry and I cry

Hot teardrops are pouring
In the form of sad poetry
They are kind of soothing
The pure misery

I put on a smile
Most people beguiled
In the moonlight however
I’m put on a trial

Deep pockets remain
There below, orbs of sight
They may indicate
The slight state of my plight

The lack of sweet sweetness
May be my demise
In desperate need of sweetness
Please know I’m not fine

Angst is what consumes me
I know not of thee
Whisper sweet nothings to nothing
And futile pleas

Yet consider it thusly
The possibility
Hope will not kill me
At least, hopefully

Faultless you is remaining
Looks at me with such pity
I trick myself wishing
It’s pure sympathy

Wretched woeful wanting
Is simply not healthy
Containing strong urges
Lunging to be stealthy

And when you will see me
And when you arrive
I’ll tell you again
That I’m fine

I am fine.


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