Dairy’s the Devil


The white curdling anger I feel
When I drink some milk

The sloppy goo of yogurt stains
On my trousers
Ruins my clothes.

Extracted from female cows
Not mine to claim
But in the devil’s name?

Dear Diary,
I had some cheese today
My sins consume my Camembert
But greedily.
Mmm. Cheese.

I want to feel the hurt they feel
Mooing in wretched caged green fields
I fail to realise it’s in my hands
An industry of pain.

So removed from reality
This beverage, liquid purity
Fed lies by nutritious entities
Forgotten lies the calf and steed

Heifers weep oh so silently
While I sit here, drinking some tea
Fermenting life energy
Equips my sandwich,

There’s guilt in a Celebration box
Each sweet enthralled with mischief
I’m tempted just by gluttony
But then I remember thusly:

Stolen right from the udder’s tip
Compelled by awful corporate whips
Screaming cattle, losing battles
I no longer can commit

Childhood foods
They imminent evil
But custard creams?
So soft and sweet,
Made with malice?
I want to eat.

While debating on some civil rights
Eating pizza‘s now my single plight
The choice is bad
Dairy’s the devil
But sinfully delicious.


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